One Minute Before the Tanuki, Part 1
Web Episode 09
Episode Info
Kanji ワン・ミニット・ビフォア・ザ・タヌキ Part.1
Romaji Wan Minitto Bifoa Za Tanuki Part.1
Air Date June 11, 2015
Episode Direction Gomi Shinsuke
Storyboard Gomi Shinsuke
Screenplay Satou Yuu
Animation Direction Creator in Pack Osaka, Maeda Yoshihiro
Episode Chronology
Episode 8 Episode 10

One Minute Before the Tanuki, Part 1 (ワン・ミニット・ビフォア・ザ・タヌキ Part.1, Wan Minitto Bifoa Za Tanuki Part.1) is the 9th episode of Ninja Slayer From Animation.



Following a series of wild goose chases, Nancy tries to convince Ninja Slayer to help get her inside a Yoroshisan hot water bottle manufacturing plant, so she can hack their systems and uncover their secret files.


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