Apocalypse Inside Tainted Soil
Web Episode 08
Episode Info
Kanji アポカリプス・インサイド・テインティッド・ソイル
Romaji Apokaripusu Insaido Teintiddo Soiru
Air Date June 4, 2015
Episode Direction Ooshima Hiroyuki
Storyboard Ooshima Hiroyuki
Screenplay Satou Yuu
Animation Direction Saitou Kengo
Episode Chronology
Episode 7 Episode 9

Apocalypse Inside Tainted Soil (アポカリプス・インサイド・テインティッド・ソイル, Apokaripusu Insaido Teintiddo Soiru) is the 8th episode of Ninja Slayer From Animation.



With information that clone cops are about to be introduced into the Neo-Saitama's police force, Nancy and Ninja Slayer break into a secret cloning mill to put a stop to it, but make an unexpected discovery inside.


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