Bane of Serpent
Web Episode 07
Episode Info
Kanji ベイン・オブ・サーペント
Romaji Bein Obu Sāpento
Air Date May 28, 2015
Episode Direction Ooshima Hiroyuki
Storyboard Ooshima Hiroyuki
Screenplay Satou Yuu
Animation Direction Hasegawa Tetsuya
Episode Chronology
Episode 6 Episode 8

Bane of Serpent (ベイン・オブ・サーペント, Bein Obu Sāpento) is the 7th episode of Ninja Slayer From Animation.



Freelance journalist Nancy Lee goes into the forlorn Furutama Projects to chase down a lead, and ends up finding more than she bargained for. Ninja Slayer's Zen meditation is interrupted by an unexpected surprise.


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