Born in Red Black
Web Episode 01
Episode Info
Kanji ボーン・イン・レッド・ブラック
Romaji Bōn in Reddo Burakku
Air Date April 16, 2015
Episode Direction Amemiya Akira
Storyboard Amemiya Akira
Screenplay Satou Yuu
Animation Direction Saitou Kengo
Episode Chronology
← N/A Episode 2

Born in Red Black (ボーン・イン・レッド・ブラック, Bōn in Reddo Burakku) is the 1st episode of Ninja Slayer From Animation.



Seeking vengeance after nearly being slain by ninjas who also killed his wife and child, Fujikido Kenji merges with the spirit of Naraku Ninja to become Ninja Slayer, the ninja that kills ninjas.


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